Anna Anna

Best friends!

Sparky, Spotty and Ginger Sparky, Spotty and Ginger

The "girls" are doing great. They like their new home a lot and are becoming friendlier by the day as we feed and pet them. Augie has named them: Sparky (the grey one), Spotty (the brown and white one) and Ginger (who has less white and more black). All the kids (and us) are enjoying playing with them and they are having a lovely time on our screened porch in the evenings when it is cool enough out.

Cinnamon and Angel Cinnamon and Angel

The girls are doing fine in their new home! They have gotten over their initial fears of being moved here and they will let me hold them now without much fuss, and will even come to me whenever I feed them. I managed to give them a bath yesterday whenever I cleaned their pin out, and they seem to feel a little more comfortable now.

Willow and Luna Willow and Luna

They are doing great!

Vinnie, Hall and Oates Vinnie, Hall and Oates

They are such a happy little band of babies.

Zeus Zeus

Zeus is adjusting nicely. I have him in his new home, which sits next to Dosa's (my Rex) cage. They are definitely interested in each other, but I will keep them apart for a while before I let them interact.

Zeus is proving to be quite the cuddle bunny. By the time I got him home, we had already started to bond and it wasn't long before he let me pick him up (without struggling). When I place him on my lap, he is very relaxed (and loves the attention).

At the moment, he is lying peacefully on his ledge, surveying his new domain.

Thank you so much for this beautiful, wonderful creature. We promise that he is in good hands.

Violet Violet

We are already completely in love with this little bunny.

When we got her home, we put her carrier in her enclosure. She stayed in the carrier for a full 30 minutes before coming out. But, she did come out of the carrier, and started exploring. She ate, she drank, she used her litter boxes. She explored the cardboard box and has started chewing the holes to make them bigger.

When I turned the light out in her room last night we heard THUMP THUMP. So, I put a nightlight in her room and left it on all night. No more thumping.

She's already chewing on her toys.

I opened her door so she could come out this morning. She did not, but she did come to the door, layed down, and let me pet her for a long time. Baby steps! I know she's getting used to the place, and us. She's such a sweet girl! I didn't want to freak her out too much by picking her up right away since she was not happy when we tried to pick her up yesterday at Animall. We'll get there soon, though.

She doesn't seem to mind the parrots' noise overall. Only once, when they all decided to sound off this morning at the same time (their - YES! It's morning and we are BIRDS! noise) did she make a dash for her cardboard box.

I just can't get over how sweet she is and how much she likes to be pet!

Hagrid Hagrid

Hagrid is WONDERFUL! We just adore him! I picked him up yesterday and everyone in the family just loves him. My son is and has been reading all about hamsters – so much so that he keeps the rest of us in line on everything.

Selena Selena

Shortly after Christmas I was lucky enough to adopt Selena. She is a fun and happy goober, and gets along well with her companion, Scamper.

Thanks again for my little girl! She has been a great addition to my fuzzy fam.

Scooter Scooter

Just wanted to send you a picture of Scooter now that he is settled in. He's a delight! The whole family adores him.

Adele Adele

Elena & Bella having breakfast together.

Molly and Rolo Molly and Rolo

They are both doing great!!

Rascal and Honeyfitz Rascal and Honeyfitz

We're very happy to have added Rascal to our household.

Totoro and Willa Totoro and Willa

They are getting along quite well (though not cuddling yet). Totoro is really loud and Willa is the bossy one.

Hope and Helena Hope and Helena

They are both doing really well and Ella and I love having them in our home. Thanks again for allowing us to adopt them.

Lucy, Ethel and Dusty Lucy, Ethel and Dusty

The girls have moved to the main cage! They fit right in with no squabbling. They're very happy! Thanks again!

Jupiter Jupiter

Just wanted to let you know Jupiter is doing great. He's spoiled and well loved thank you we love him.

Oreo and Olivia Oreo and Olivia

Relaxing on my lap.

Willa Marie Willa Marie

"Hello rescue mommy Kay,

I am settling quite well at home with my new mommy and guinea pig friends. I like cuddles and veggies, and I was told I will go out to play later today.

I am a great model for pictures (though I don't like it much). I noticed there is a boy next door named Totoro. I keep smelling him through the cage, but he hasn't seemed to notice my gorgeousness yet and isn't even paying attention to me!!! He must be quite difficult not to notice a gorgeous girl like me! Hopefully, we'll meet for real in a month and he'll like me and will be my best friend forever!

Thank you for giving me a new home."

Chester and Jazzy Chester and Jazzy

Here are a few pictures of Chester and his new girlfriend Jazzy :)

Have a great day :)

Fran Fran

She has settled in nicely and turns out to be not shy at all as you can see by the pics.     She is out all day while I work, in one of the pictures I left my potato sticks in a bowl on the desk and came back and she was eating them.    She likes to land on my husband's head.   Rick also built her a little ledge to come out of at her top food dish - she goes in the big door but won't come out that way at all, only at the top.     She does not like to be put away at night in the cage - but that is a battle she can't win.    She watches TV with us - was drinking my water out of my glass one night so I would say she is content.

Hope and Helena Hope and Helena

They seem to be doing well. Today after we got home from work/school, Ella fed them some yummy veggies, gave them their vitamin c tablet and gave them a new tunnel to run through and hide in.  The girls came out of hiding and started eating a lot of the food (and the tablet) and started drinking a lot more water - yesterday they were in hiding most of the time, so we didn't really see them eat much or drink. That was very different today, so I think they are feeling a little more comfortable in their new surroundings.

We are already seeing their personalities come out a bit. Helena is very shy, but territorial. The igloo has become hers and if Hope tries to get in, Helena won't let her.  Helena is the same way with one of the two food dishes and water bottles. She has certainly claimed hers and lets Hope know it. :) Hope seems more social and doesn't stay in hiding as much.

Athena, Cassandra, Daphne Athena, Cassandra, Daphne

(Don't they look happy? --Ed.)

Luna and Dolly Luna and Dolly

(A picture speaks a thousand words, don't you think?  --Ed.)

Esmerelda and Simon Esmerelda and Simon

I had to share this cute pic of Esmeralda and Simon.

Rosebud and Hopper Rosebud and Hopper

Rosebud and Hopper are settling down quite nicely.  Here they are with my son.

Hope Hope

This is Hope and her brother Shiloh snuggling on the couch.  We adopted Shiloh early in the year, and recently decided to add Hope to our family.  The two couldn't be happier and love playing together in our back yard.  We were happy to give the two of them the opportunity to reunite and are lucky to have them.

Timothy and Alfalfa Timothy and Alfalfa

They're settling in well. We've got three litter boxes around the room plus the one in their cage. The enjoy hanging around in each of them, and under the computer desks. They're in the cage pretty much only when we're sleeping, since I work from home.

Alfalfa's the adventurous one. He likes climbing on the couch and chair, and is the first to follow us to see what we're up to. He's a bit aggressive with food - he guards the food bowl and bats Timothy's head away, so we've put an extra bowl in the cage for pellets. Timothy is less adventurous but is more willing to tolerate being handled - he's very sweet, but a little reserved.

Eddie Eddie

We have named the new little one Eddie.  Now we will have "The Big E" and "The Little E."  He is so smart and already knows the times for "snacks" (cucumber, bell pepper).  He vocally leads the charge for food!

Cinderella Cinderella

Cinderella is doing great!  She and Princess snuggle together and seem to be getting along great. She is very talkative which just tickles the girls.

Wilbur (now Walter) Wilbur (now Walter)

I just wanted to let you know that he is adjusting very nicely to me, my home, and his 2 new cat buddies.  I am so glad that this cute little guy is part of my family now.  I have renamed him Walter and he sure does have a personality!

Mocha and Latte Mocha and Latte

My daughter (and the rest of us!) adores them and they are getting lots of love, attention and yummy garden greens.  They are feeling more comfortable here and have started chatting it up with us.

Doodle Bug Doodle Bug

Just wanted to let both of you know that Doodle is fitting in perfectly.  I call him Do-Bug and he is my shadow.  Thank you so much for trusting me to give him a loving forever home and more giving me a loving forever lap baby.

Badger Badger

I can't imagine a better rat for both Pippin and myself. Every morning I awake to find them cuddling together. They play together, groom each other, and are generally inseparable. I've already fallen in love with Badger myself- he comes for attention, is perfectly sweet, and couldn't be a nicer rat. Most importantly, he seems to be as happy as Pippin and myself.

Thank you for everything. I can't really express how happy I am with your rescue, from start to finish. I will certainly recommend you to any friends looking to adopt in the future.

Tiffany and Blueberry Tiffany and Blueberry

Thanks so much for recommending Tiffany, we love her, and thanks for taking such good care of our bunnies.

Izzy Izzy

I couldn't resist sharing this picture. Brynn was taking a picture of herself, and izzy popped up and she was able to capture this. Anyone who thinks hamsters don't have personality, hasn't met izzy! She is so funny and very, very sweet!

Tai Tai

Thanks again; we are delighted with Tai. So far he has not curled up into a ball, though; he is busy exploring his enclosure.

Malcolm and Nico Malcolm and Nico

Both Malcolm and Nico were adopted from you. They get along well together and enjoy the new bachelor space ( a 1 x 2 grid area) that I added to their 2 x 3 grid cage. Nico (adopted 1/12) developed some interesting features including long hair on his bottom and tufts around his ears. One eye appears larger than the other due to his natural eyeliner on that side. We try not to make him too self conscious about it. He looks a little like the character from "A Clockwork Orange". I wanted to name him "Nigel" but it was decided that he was Italian. He weighs in at a whopping 1300 grams! Malcolm was adopted earlier (10/11). He is about 1048 grams and very friendly. He lets me pet him and has a serious Barley Biscuit habit. They are both wild about carrot tops and dandelion greens.

Messrs. Darcy and Bingley Messrs. Darcy and Bingley

Just wanted to thank you both and the CPR for helping our boys find their forever home. They are settling in well, eating, grooming and burrowing (so glad for the larger aquarium.)

Blessings and peace on you all and the great work you are doing!

Jax Jax

This is Jax (Butler). Jax seems to love his new home. He is almost potty trained & is now sleeping in the family bed. No more crate. He has fell in love with one toy (Pinkie) although he has already been to Petsmart 3 times to get Man Toys as my husband calls it. LOL.. Jax & Sunshine are getting along & are starting to bark & play outside together. Keep in mind Jax is 2 so he runs circles around Sunshine. She is 12 and very lazy! Jax has already been to our beach house & saw the ocean. He loved walking on the sand and getting lots of attention but forget about getting in the water. Not happening. We did shave Jax down for summer but we will let his beautiful fur grow out this winter. We are so grateful to have rescued Jax! He is a wonderful addition to our family and now Sunshine can have a buddy again since losing Gizmo back in May. Bless you all at CPR.

Fuzzy Bunny Fuzzy Bunny

Fuzzy is doing great! He's a fun study buddy and he loves to give kisses!  He is also a great listener! Thank you so much for him!

Isabelle Isabelle

Izzy is doing great. We love her and is very sweet. She lets us hold her we are having fun watching her stuff her cheeks and run on her wheel.

My husband is so proud of himself for capturing what he is calling the "perfect picture."

Apple and Teeny Apple and Teeny

They're adjusting just fine, and ate a bit of lettuce from my hand earlier - I'm trying to both bond with them and let the adjust to their surroundings. They seem pretty happy. Teeny was purring when I was holding and petting her earlier. She's more at ease with me than Apple - it's backwards from how I thought it'd be!

Nibble Nibble

Thank you so much for rescuing Carter (now Nibble). I will certainly tell everyone I know that is looking for a little pocket pet or bird about your organization.

Nibble is doing very well. He played and ate for a bit when we got home at 2pm but then went to sleep until 8pm. He seems to like his new home very much. Fallon is overjoyed and took these photos of his tank and of him climbing on his new Igloo. She thinks he likes the purple and blue colors in his home.

Dustin Dustin

"Dustin" is settling is great.  He and Timmy get along great.    Thank you for making this connection.

Collette Collette

We love our little Collette:) She has adjusted nicely to her surroundings and is getting used to our routine. She thoroughly enjoys the early evenings with us cuddling in all of our laps and eating her greens! She is a love and is proving to be just the pet that is a good first pet for Amanda. Actually, it has been a treat for all of us to have her in our lap while we are busy with e-mails etc.

Brigette Brigette

Brigette is doing great in her new home. She & Dora get along well, altho there are some minor tiffs at the salad dish. She adapted really well to all the new space.Catching her to pick her up is a bit difficult still as she has the whole living room to run around in, but once we have her, she enjoys lap time.

Tony Tony

He has adjusted so well and has to be in my lap every second. :) He is talking non-stop but I am sure it is because he is still unsure of his surroundings. It only took two days for him to go from hissing at my dog to bonding with her.  :) Thanks Again!

Lucy Lucy

Lucy is great! She seems to be adjusting really well. We had to get a different water bottle, the straight spout seemed to be a problem but she's drinking, eating and doing everything else well. Arianna is enjoying keeping the cage clean.

Button Button

Button is fitting right in.  It was really hard to get everyone in the picture so this is the best we could do.  Hard to get 5 dogs to sit together and look at the camera!  Button is doing fine here.  There are lots of things to do here.  We go on daily walks, and they have 8 ponds to take a dip in.  The other dogs look out for him.  All of these guys were unwanted at some point in their lives but now they are finally home!  Thank you so much for giving Button a second chance.

Zen and Love Zen and Love

The blonde pig is named Zen and the brown one is Love. Can you tell this class is into yoga?  The pigs are thriving and get lots of affection.

Gypsy and Phoenix Gypsy and Phoenix

Beep, Beep! Coming through!

Shiloh Shiloh

We couldn't be happier with our recent adoption of Shiloh.  He is the sweetest little guy and his transition into our home was super easy.  We would recommend CPR to anyone looking to adopt a pet and will use them for any future "additions" to our family.  Thanks so much to CPR!

Zephyr Zephyr

Just letting you know that Zephyr and Stanley hit it off right away!  They are really enjoying each other's company.

Gerbils Gerbils

Thank you, thank you, thank you.  We LOVE these little guys.  They are wonderful.  They are fitting in very well to their new surroundings. The Dad is on the cusp of figuring out how to climb the ladder with the enticement of some well-placed food.

My son has named the Dad, "Cross-bone" and the Son, "T-bone".  And can you guess what he named their home?  The Boneyard!  The kids probably didn't fall asleep until 10 pm last night & Michael was up at 6:30 am, bright-eyed & bushy tailed (no pun intended) & ready to feed the new additions to our family.

Desmond and Penny Desmond and Penny

Desmond and Penny have brought a new level of energy to our household.  It has been a blast to watch them run around and play with Cecelia.  They have developed their own personalities over the last year.  Desmond is the brave one, fun loving and eager to please.  Penny is the trouble maker, who enjoys having a good time and still looks to her big brother for reassurance.  We recently added a 2nd story addition to their house, and they love it!  They also have a tendency to want the same thing at the same time.  So they will spend minutes grabbing the same piece of lettuce form each other even when there is an entire pile in front of them.  We always get a good laugh out of that.

We love having them and are so grateful you introduced us to them.

Sweet Pea and Beatrice Sweet Pea and Beatrice

The next sheet of coroplast will finish off the second story deck. Soon they'll have a ramp to get up to that deck level. More places to play.

Every night after dinner we take them out and they sit in Molly's lap on the couch. We've tried to feed them carrots, but they're still too nervous to eat them I guess. We'll have to try some apples. Molly likes to have them cuddle in the towel in her lap and just sit quietly too though.

Cupcake Cupcake

She’s been doing quite well adapting to her new surroundings. We’ve been getting to know one another. She’s quite sociable, and comes out to greet me (upon making enough noise to wake her from what could only be classified as the hibernation cycle of a grizzly bear). The original Habitrail cage I had purchased for her was quite small compared to the aquarium she was used to, so I bought an add-on to give her the room she needs, and she’s been quite happy.

Snuggles and Elvis Snuggles and Elvis

We have a playpen area where Erin let’s them get “floor time”, and they have both taken to hopping over the pen! I didn’t know piggies could do that!  They also find the corner of the pen, where it connects and use their noses to push it apart and wriggle out. Of course they are never left unattended in it, so safety is not an issue, but it is interesting that they want to escape and explore the ENTIRE room. When we let them have free run of the room, they do some major popcorning :)

Edward Edward

He won our hearts very quickly and fits happily with our family.  He got used to us holding him within a day and loves dried fruit treats.  Thanks for taking such great care of him until we were able to bring him home.

Celeste and Berry Celeste and Berry

They are very sweet. Berry seems much more inquisitive, Celeste is a bit more reserved, but warming up.
They are adjusting well, we try to spend as much time with them as we can. Yesterday was the first time that they ate their treat carrot from our hands, while having lap time :)

Ivan and Snoopy Ivan and Snoopy

We love them both dearly, and they are very happy together.

Smokey (Update!) Smokey (Update!)

We adopted Smokey over a year ago now.  I was so happy today to see that he is on the "happy tails" page of your website!

Since we adopted him last year, he has evolved quite a lot and is quite familiar with everything now. Going out to play in the living room is no longer something that scares him, taking a bath is a habit to him, and he knows when it is time to change the cage, go out for playtime or get food.  He seems very happy and is quite attached to me now. He is such an easy guinea pig to take care of too, as he is sweet, easy-going, healthy and clean in his cage.

Here are some more recent pictures of him playing in his elephant toy and getting funny hair styles after his bath.

Thank you again for allowing us to adopt Smokey. He is a joy to have around and I am grateful every day that he joined our little guinea family.

Percy and Zeus Percy and Zeus

My older girls got ipods for Christmas and he is a picture Emilia took of the "babies.". ;). We now have quite a few pictures and videos! Haha.  Now named Percy and Zeus.

Jethro Jethro

Jethro is adjusting well to his new family.  Dogs could care less, Emma is thrilled, and we are just learning new guinea pig facts and behaviors every day.  He likes the bonus room digs- tv/computer/library room.  A lot of action and lots of outdoor wooded views.  Now we are trying to figure out a more comfy carrier for him.  Emma likes to take him around the house but going in and out of a crate is cumbersome.

Thanks for jethro and your excellent care of him!  He is a joy!

Zorro and Roxy Zorro and Roxy

The boy is zorro (my husband has been dying to name a bandit that) the girl is roxy. I have to admit , I love them even more than I imagined possible. They really are so cute and funny. I am not a morning person, but i wake up almost an hour earlier at 6 am on days that i have to work just to play with them. Our one cat as we thought has adjusted completely to his new siblings even playing with them. Our other cat, as we expected, hasn't yet but is slowly getting there. He no longer hightails it upstairs when he sees them. Below is a pic of zorro passed out Christmas day after a long play session.

Chewy (was Amelia) Chewy (was Amelia)

She is the most lovable little creature! Fluffy is def. the more dominate one- but she hasn't hurt her in any way. They seem to be getting along fine.

Mitch Mitch

Mitch (now Menace, named for the danger he presents to stationary objects) has turned out to be a sweetheart. His intensely curious nature sometimes gets him into trouble, as he loves knocking over everything he encounters when roaming, but he is as gentle as can be, not timid at all, and my girlfriend and all my friends/family love him. He's grown from ~1000 grams to 1900 grams, he eats regularly, and gives every indication of being in excellent health. Thank you again for giving me the opportunity to add such a wonderful new member to my household.

Esi and Taz Esi and Taz

All the ferrets rode home very nicely. Simon and Esi slept most of the ride in the carrier and I held Taz. We let them play for a bit and then even though the cage has 3 beds they all slept in Simon's favorite bed. I'm glad we got them both and I'm working on finding Zephor a home. Thanks for everything!

Jack (was Milo) Jack (was Milo)

Just wanted to update you on week 2 of bunnies.  There has definitely been some progress.  They don't show as much aggression towards each other, they are sort of ignoring each other mostly.  When I was petting Jack, Daisy came up and wanted to be petted and then started grooming Jack.  I thought that was progress.  Daisy seems very interested and ready to accept him, but I think she bullied him so much in the beginning that he tends to stay away now or chases her away.  So we will keep working at it.  As you can see, we renamed him Jack since he's all black (black Jack).  Their cages are next to each other and we switch them around some.  He eats every veggie I give him.  He loves everything and hasn't been at all destructive in the house, which is good.  You can see from this pic that our kitty was very interested and tried to paw him under the bathroom door!  It was very cute.  I am hoping at some point bunnies and can coexist.

Phyllis Phyllis

Phyllis and Damon seem to be a very happy pair, and everyone is eating well. Damon seems to be much happier to have a friend again, and actually Phyllis and he seem to have a more harmonious relationship than he and EJ had (?no testosterone?).  We are having a great time with them-thanks for all your kindness and time!

Stephanie, Mabel and Deirdre Stephanie, Mabel and Deirdre

The piggies are doing great :)  The baby's slowly getting more used to us and the other two are getting braver and braver every time we bring them salad (and do a lot of hand feeding).  The first night they were pushing the baby out of the big house a lot so we put in the other one as well.  They're all getting along now and seem to pick randomly which house they want to sleep in at any point.

Drake Drake

Just wanted to give you an update on the boys!  They are getting along wonderfully and Drake is fitting right in with the crew.  He's been a great teacher and Loki ate his first pepper after watching Drake wolf his down!  Thanks for helping me find a very special pig!

Onyx (was Zeus) Onyx (was Zeus)

We got home fine and finished the habitat.  Then I gave him a bath and put him into his new place. He circled around twice, found his hiding box and went right in. It was a stressful day for him, I suppose.

Flower and Blossom Flower and Blossom

The girls are doing fantastic! We absolutely love them-especially my husband! They love sitting in the morning sun in their new big cage and don't seem to be bothered at all by the other pets.... I can't thank you enough for your patience w/ my adoption of the D Doves. They make my family complete and I/we are blessed to have them. Thank you for sharing them w/ me!

Sprinkles Sprinkles

Sprinkles is having a great time exploring!!  She is fitting into our household very nicely.  I have finally learned how to go to sleep with the noises of a her climbing the cage and doing "hamster back flips" at night.  She is great at hammy rock climbing!

When my mom opens the cage, Sprinkles will crawl down the open door and onto my mother's hand.  Wow!!  What a great relationship!

She is eating very well and growing up into a fine hamster!

Spice Spice

Obviously Spice has made herself right at home!

Willow Willow

She is a sweetie.  She and Sonny play constantly.  She is so loving to us and craves and gets lots of love and attention....  Thanks so much for saving her.  We will give her a good life and I am sure she is glad she is here.

Harriet Harriet

So far she seems to be adjusting well-she explored her new house and is already eating and running in her wheel.  We let the cats get acquainted (while Harriet was safely in the cage of course) but then put her cage up on the shelf so the cats can't get to her.  In the picture is our 20 pound cat Hubert who is quite intrigued by pretty much everything Harriet does.  :)  Anyway, all is going well so far!  Thanks again for all your help!

Pickles Pickles

Cream Puff, newly named Pickles, is doing great! She settled in pretty quickly - she's eating well and is very active in the evening/night (she LOVES to run on her wheel!). Her schedule is actually perfect for me since she usually wakes up right around the time that I get home
from work. I've started taking her out for a little bit each day just to get her used to me, and she loves to run around and check everything out. I usually let her out in my bathroom since it's small and there isn't anything for her to climb up or squeeze into. I'm so
happy to have her!

Peaches Peaches

Just thought I'd touch base with you and let you know how Peaches is doing so far! I think hes starting to get used to living at my house. The toys he was familiar with that you gave me really helped. He spends a lot of time on the swing you let him keep. Hes started sleeping on that instead of the rope toy. I think it might just be because of the placement in the cage. I have the rope toy kind of towards the front, and I think that scares him a little.

He ate some millet out of my hand for the first time today. Its a baby step, but hes making progress. I think he'll be a people loving bird in no time! I also heard him grinding his beak before he fell asleep tonight, which at first worried me, but I googled it and the websites said that it was a sign of contentment!

Fizzgig Fizzgig

The new boy—Fizzgig now—is doing great!

He was finally fully integrated into the Big Rat House on Friday and things went relatively smoothly. He was initially very timid and easily startled when he first arrived, but being with the big boys has really brought out the explorer in him and he is much braver now – a total 180 :)

Silly and Willy Silly and Willy

Leslie still loves the piggies.  "Daisy" & "Smores" (formerly "Silly" & "Willy") are so big now!  Daisy (Silly) was smaller than Smores (Willy) when we brought them home, but Daisy has now caught up.  She's definitely the more outgoing of the two.  Smores' favorite place is hiding in the "pigloo."  Here are some pictures that we took in Jan/2011.  Thank you again for all your help!

Clark and Melody Clark and Melody

Just wanted to share recent photos of the "Love Birds" (Clark & Melody). :-)

Four Hooded Boys Four Hooded Boys

The boys are great...after a bowl of raw spinach and grapes they settled down for a nap.   The girls are a little freaked out by the smell LOL, but everything is great.

Simon, Tommy and Sweetpea Simon, Tommy and Sweetpea

Ralph our pug loves them and they seem to think he is another rat.  They are so funny to watch together.  They dart around between his feet and sometimes nip his toes.  He's very gentle with them.  They seem to be happy and we love them!

Trixy and Buttercup Trixy and Buttercup

Trixy with her new friend Buttercup!

Lady Ruby and Willow Kodzai Lady Ruby and Willow Kodzai

Lady Ruby & Willow (formerly Ida and Emma) are settling in very nicely!! They love their new "digs" and are even coming to the cage walls to "greet" and to "talk" to us, especially when they hear the veggie bag open. They are still very jumpy when we try to pick them up but we're still trying to work through that. They are now ok with the girls rubbing their chin and back through the cage walls so Shamiso & Niasha just love that!

Sending you a big hug and many thanks for adding these special friends to our family.

Rocko and Paco Rocko and Paco

The boys seem to have settled in to their new digs just fine --- already eating, drinking, and playing.  This is the aquarium I made for them.  Many plans for fun improvements once I get to know what they like to do and such.

Thanks for taking such good care of them!

Jilly (was Reeses) Jilly (was Reeses)

Jilly (Reeses) is doing great!

Gadget Gadget

I just wanted to send you a quick note.  Gadget is doing GREAT!  We LOVE him!  He loves to run in the hall and my son creates obstacle courses for him that he enjoys doing (part of which is jumping in and out of the bathtub!)  He is so much fun to watch.

Luke Luke

Thank you so much for all the help you and Lindsay did to get me a wonderfully sweet and cute hamster. Luke (aka Lil' Red) is the light of my life and I love having him in my home. I am truly grateful that it was a wonderfully simple process and that I will continue to think of Carolina Pet Rescue for any future pets. Thanks again!

Smokey Smokey

He is now quite friendly with my other guineas and I think he is happy in his environment and with his friends. He is getting used to me and now comes towards me for treats. He already learned that going in his portable home means a trip in the living room, or veggies on the lap.

Daisy and Minnie Daisy and Minnie

"I'm attaching a relatively new picture of M&D.  I promise I'm petting them, not holding them down with my fingers :)!  They spend time outside the cage every morning and evening (at least) and are lots of fun, mostly running around but sometimes sitting still and letting us pet them.  We're really enjoying them.  On Monday they will have their first well-rat visits to Dr. Bishop, just so we can make sure they're OK and so we can learn more about rat care. Thanks again for taking such good care of the girls until they could come to us.  They're a lot of fun.

Baby Rats Baby Rats

I have had all five of them (well, one at a time) sitting on my lap, relaxed and letting me pet them a couple of times... of course they didn't want to sit still for that long, but that's fine. I've also got them all to climb out of the cage and onto me by themselves.....Just wanted to let you know that everything's going well so far!

Mookie Mookie

We just wanted to let you know that Mookie has settled in very well and has had a big time running around the living room and kitchen exploring everything. He seems very friendly and curious. Olga was petting him all the way home yesterday. Thanks for letting us have him. He will be very happy here.

Daisy and Minnie Daisy and Minnie

They're doing very well; they know us now and will let us play with them.  They seem to like their cage (which a friend dubbed the "Rat Mahal").  Their hammock arrived just a few days ago, making them very happy. They're sweet girls, and we're glad to have them.

Karrie Karrie

Karrie is doing so well! She's such a sweet heart and hasn't even had one accident outside her litter box. It's so cute to watch her chase the cat wand and tunnel through her toys.

Checkers Checkers

Checkers is such a fantastic puppy!  Everyone who meets him immediately falls in love with him, which is great with Checkers since he has so much love to give back.   Every morning and whenever we come home, he is absolutely ecstatic to see us and provides us with copious amounts of unconditional love.

He is a vigorous player who enjoys every minute with his new doggie friends at the daycare, dog park, or around the neighborhood.  His best friends are Gus (German Shepherd puppy), Holly (collie mix), and Lucy (German Shepherd mix).

Checkers is a great companion for any adventure; he loves to go for hikes, walks, and swims in the lake or pool.  He is intelligent, curious and already knows more tricks than I can remember.  His favorite is hide and seek.

When he gets all tuckered out at the end of the day, he loves having a good snuggle on the couch with a belly rub.  Checkers really is the perfect puppy and we love him so much!

Lexi and Travis Lexi and Travis

We are so thrilled with the new additions to our family! Lexi and Digger (newly renamed to Travis :)) are a little shy but getting used to their accommodations. We've witnessed Travis do some adorable binkies when exploring outside their pen. They love to snuggle underneath the step stool we put next to their litter, but they have come out when ready for more adventure and of course, some munchies. Noah and I are excited for them to blossom into their full personalities but will not pressure them too much to get comfortable around us (even though it's tempting!). We love them so much!

Amber Amber

I picked up Amber today and she is beautiful to say the least.  Thank you so much, I am so glad I checked your site before purchasing a corn snake.  The whole family loves her and I am sure she will always be a happy snake in this household.  I will keep you all updated with pics as she grows.

Lucky Lucky

Lucky is doing great! He is becoming a bit more confident with each passing day which is great to see. As promised I have attached some photo's. These pic's are from his first week here so he is a little camera shy. By the way the Yesterday's news litter is fabulous. It doesn't get stuck to his fur like the aspen did so I think Lucky likes that alot better and he is finally playing with some of his toys as well! Lucky is scheduled to meet with our vet next week to get his nails cut if they need it and to help me groom him. He lets me brush him but he will not let me comb his underside or belly just yet so I'm going to get some expert help with that until he fully trusts me to do it. Otherwise he is doing great getting adjusted to his new home . I'll send more pictures when I can and thanks again for introducing Michael and I to such a special little guy. I am just in love with him and I think he likes us too!

Scarlett (Letti) Scarlett (Letti)

Letti is doing just fine. She was zooming through the house after dinner last night and got everyone wound up to the point where Muffin and Taylor had a more serious fall out. Nothing I, the ultimate alpha dog, could not handle. This AM Letti started playing with toys, the nylar bone and a stuffed toy, which is amazingly still stuffed. Letti likes to sleep on the couch with her head on Linus's butt.   Very cute.

Num-Nums Num-Nums

Num-Nums is doing great.  As a hamster, she is something of an over-achiever, diligent with her wheel, a consistent cuddler, and off the charts cuteness ratings.

Fiji and Maui Fiji and Maui

Fiji and Maui are doing great. They had a ball playing in a box filled with shredded paper today.

Clarence and Baxter Clarence and Baxter

Here is a photo of Clarence and Baxter, having greens and an outing. They are fine, still rather skittish, but getting used to us. They get attention every day and adore fresh parsley.

Bones Bones

Buddies! Thanks again for letting Bones live with us. She's such a treasure.

Clark and Melody Clark and Melody

We just wanted to say "hello" and let you know that we are still very happy with our adopted family. They love us SO much and show us that love every day! :-)

Hershey and Ramona Hershey and Ramona

Thank you again. Hershey and Ramona have settled in nicely. Interestingly enough, she was the more adventurous one when we arrived. He thumped a couple of times then followed her lead.

Bugsy Bugsy

Just wanted to let you two know that our new little mouse and Miss Mousey seem to be doing well.  Bailey Anne has decided to name her Bugsy.  We think that is the perfect name for her with her big round brown eyes and we laughed when BA said that "Bugsy was bugging Miss Mousey this morning".

She actually placed her little hand in mine this morning as I cleverly had it placed right outside the tube she was crawling in  :  )

Thanks again for all your help.  I am sure we will have Miss Mousey and Bugsy both hopping into our hands in no time.

Sweet Pete Sweet Pete

Sweet Pete is getting used to his new home. Here are some pictures. He has been eating a lot more than I thought he would. He has gone through half a large bag of Timothy Hay. He loves celery, cucumber and "Artisan Gourmet Lettuce", of course. He has good taste. He did not like the brussel sprouts or asparagus we gave him. He did not eat his apple either, but ate some dandelions and a couple of raisins. He does like his choice of houses to go in and out of. He likes scratching in his green bed. He was quite busy early this morning digging and moving around his cage. I got a small room litter box for him so he can come out and play when he feels more comfy.

Ralphie Ralphie

This morning, he had play time and had quite the adventure nosing around the room. He surprised me by not chewing on anything yet, but maybe he’s just looking for the tastiest tidbit. He’s a sweetheart.

He and Hobbes were clicking at each other today, so they can watch each other from their respective cages across the room. I’ll probably switch Newton to a larger cage later in the week once he’s had a chance to settle down.

Slinky Slinky

So here's Qetesh. "Slinky" is just not suitable enough for such a magnificent creature! She has so much room to stretch out here, she is very happy. She's eating well, just finished a shed, and is enjoying her new enclosure; she seems to have adapted pretty well to her new environment, but we're taking it slow as she's still getting used to us. Today I sat on the floor and she wrapped herself around my hips and legs, laid her head on my shoulder and snoozed a bit, it was so sweet. :) I measured her today, she's just about 8 feet long, maybe a tad bit under.

Just thought I'd let you know how she's doing, I'm so happy to have her in my life. :)

Xero Xero

I let Xero (now Zedd) out last night. He surprised me by deciding to explore the room before seeking out Tabitha, who was asleep at the time, unaware that Zedd was free until I woke her up and she heard him. So she was the one who made contact. There was no aggression, just a lot of butt sniffing (running in circles initially), and happy behavior. They have shared a dish of fresh food without any problems, and have been napping near each other. There's no doubt that they are a happy couple...

Edmund and Arthur Edmund and Arthur

The boys are doing well. We changed their names to Bugs (Edmund) and Jack (Arthur). They had a chance to run around the screened-in porch today and had a ball. They enjoyed it for about three hours...and were pretty tired after that. We're still working on the litter box training.....they tend to go anywhere when running around outside their house even if the litter box is close by. All in all....we are all doing great. Fun is being had by all. :-)

Wiley and Winona Wiley and Winona

Everyone is settling in great - we had a good trip home and my dog is doing great with them which was a surprise, I thought I'd just have to keep them separated, but he's doing fine! (don't think I'd leave them alone together, but nice to know we can all hang out!) Just wanted you to know they're settling in and I'm having fun getting to know them!

Buffalo Buffalo

Buffalo is doing really well. He's got such a spunky personality and is incredibly loving. We've also found him to be quite an adventurer. Today we caught him climbing the screen to our outdoor porch... needless to say, we keep a close eye on him. He seems to have adjusted well to life with our Jonah. They really love each other and interact well. After Christmas we were able to invest in the ferret nation cage that we have always wanted. They come out often and with the ramp that we got them for the cage they can even crawl back in for a snack, a drink, or a nap whenever they want to. We're so grateful to have Buffalo in our lives. He brings us endless joy.

Honey Honey

Honey and Seymour seem to be adjusting to each other okay. Seymour seems to be aggravating her less everyday. She is still pretty shy around me but warming up.

Socrates Socrates

I looooove him!

Also, he and my other budgies have bonded. All three like to sit in a row and look at me with judgey eyes when I sleep in on the weekend. We all get along very well, and I am definitely the odd man out. :) I think Socrates is a lot happier now that he has some feathered buddies.

I've attached a photo the closest I could capture to "judgment eyes"  :)

Blondie, Squeaks, Cookie and Baloo Blondie, Squeaks, Cookie and Baloo

They are all doing great! The girls have grown quite a bit. Cookie is the biggest and loves to eat. She's a big squish. Squeaks has lived up to her name. She squeaks at the smallest things. If the others touch her wrong, she squeaks. She is such a love bug and loves mouths. I have to constantly guard my mouth. Blondie is still shy, but has come out a lot. Her eyesight is quite poor, and she looks as if she is going to fall over the way she sways. Baloo is quite the little man. He tries to be the dominant one, but the girls quickly put him in his place. He is still just as sweet as ever, but he is quite active to be a boy.

I entered him and Blondie in the Rats Rule calender photo contest and he won for the month of June. Blondie tied, but didn't get in.

Gravy Gravy

Every time Gravy wakes up and discovers somebody in Leo's room he comes running down through his tubes and presses his little face and paws against the bars of his cage. He is so happy to be played with and every night Leo lets him out to run around his room (we seal off the gap under the door and under his closet). We have discovered that he is completely obsessed with sunflower seeds and we use these as treats. If we put them in his food bowl, that's all he will eat and as a Mom and a wildlife rehabber I want him to have a balanced diet. I think Leo's last hamster lived so long because we gave him so much fresh food and Gravy does love cucumber, apple, sweet potato, corn and spinach on top of his dried hamster food but he will spit it all out if he sees a sunflower seed. When he comes running to the cage we generally give him some seeds as a reward for being so super friendly. He is awake a lot during the day, probably because Leo is in and out of his room, so he is getting a lot of playtime. He is so friendly and so calm and very loved.

Derby Derby

I knew I liked him before I got him, but I truly can't believe what a delightful pet he's making. He's such a happy guy, and very respectful of my stuff, too. The first few days he was a little bit overwhelmed and appreciated being held for hours. Now he's kind of in this "I'm a big boy now" stage and doesn't want to be held anymore. I hope he decides he likes being held again, but even if he doesn't, it is nice that he'll often lay down near me. He's a little chow hound too, and his inability to resist a lettuce leaf comes in handy when he needs to go into his pen or (as was the case for the first time yesterday) when people who want to meet him come over. I had six or seven friends by who had been interested in the whole adoption story. At first he was reserved, but we got him used to their voices and then I handed out little containers of veggies. Once he realized they had food, he was on cloud nine. We sat in a circle, and he hopped from one lady to another and even washed his face and did periscope for them. They were absolutely charmed, and after they left I swear he was all cocky about the ladies! He was running around and binkying more than usual!

Eeyore and Piglet Eeyore and Piglet

They are really enjoying themselves as you can see. They jump all over the cage in delight, and they squeak loudly when they hear the hay bag rustling or the bell on the greens feeder. (bell is secure & too big to fit in mouths) They are held and petted and played with every day. We love these playful little ones!

Scout Scout

Scout has really gotten lively lately! He loves playing with his brothers, but loves tummy rubs most of all. He's one of the sweetest ferrets we've ever met and already holds a special place in our hearts.

Petula Petula

She seems to be adjusting well. Her fav pasttimes are following me around, running around her playhouse, playing in her dig box, running in/out of her play tunnel, and eating:-)

Snickers Snickers

He is very active and loves playtime. While out during free time he does numerous sprints around the cage that we leave in the bathroom and then proceeds to follow his new buddy, Caramel. When I say follow I mean follow every move Caramel makes, whether it is through a tube, in the hay box, or just to lie down next to the cage. Caramel has been very good with Snickers, but still doesn't lay next to him. In fact, Snickers has taken over the larger house and Caramel sleeps in the little one. If we get Snickers out to hold or put him back in the cage after Caramel is already in there Caramel starts to look for him. He has definitely taken on the big brother role. They are a joy to watch as they interact and speak to one another.

Wicket Wicket

Wicket and Silken are in love!  They spend lots of time together!!!  It took some work, but they are finally getting along!  Wicket and Silken love grooming each other and snuggling on little ledges.  Here is a picture of them hanging out after a two hour romp around our chin-proofed room!

Francis Francis

Francis is like a different rat now. He's still jumpy sometimes, but he's learning that the dogs-although nosey and noisy- aren't a threat, and that if you come up to the bars to say hello, there is usually a treat waiting. He takes his treats so gently unlike my past rats, and he has decided that plums and bananas are the best. He loves his floor time, exploring the blankets and under the dressers. He's left his new water bottle intact, but he's discovered that the littler box is fun to dig in. We're going to have to get a gate to keep him out! lol

Pepsi, Mac, Jerry and Special Sauce Pepsi, Mac, Jerry and Special Sauce

Here is a picture of my new rats!  The black and white one on the right is Pepsi.  The dark brown one is Mac.  The white one in between the two levels is Jerry and Special Sauce is the white one that is hiding his face.


I think they are pretty cute!!!  It is always wild having new rats.  I forgot how much of a handful they can be but they are alot of fun!!!

Jack Jack

Here is a few pictures of Jack in his new home. Evan just loves him so much already- he is exactly what Evan wanted and more. He has sniffed noses through the cage with a few of our dogs and doesn't seem frightened by them at all. He has enjoyed getting out to play several times a day. Jack loves to nap in his new hammock but still prefers to curl up in his fleece tee-pee.

Thanks again for helping Jack find his way to our home!

Murphy Murphy

She popcorned a few times and then ran a couple of laps under the sofa. Then she checked out the "bedroom", and the igloo and a little nap area, popcorned some more, and ran a few more laps. Meanwhile, Sofi decided to hide out in the "bedroom" to stay out of the way. Then Minka started exploring the rest of the room. Whe it was time for me to go to bed, I caught her and put her back in the cage (I wanted to me sure she knew where the water and food was). She stayed put, still not understanding that she could leave if she wanted to. She was still in the cage, by herself, the next morning. Sofi came when I gave them fresh food, and then left again, so Minka was alone in the cage when I went upstairs to shower. When I came back down, she was under the sofa with Sofi. Now she comes and goes and is still enjoying exploring the room.

Chocolate and Swirl Chocolate and Swirl

We've learned that Chocolate is a good jumper and swirl loves to dig. They are so inquisitive, it's really fun to watch. We did get them a wheel but they have been uninterested in it for the most part although Swirl likes to dig underneath it. We did get them an extra shelf for the cage to give them some more room and another level but we have decided to definitely get them a bigger place to live. I've been looking for an aquarium - I think they need a bigger space that will also contain the bedding better. I haven't noticed Chocolate chewing on the cage but I have been giving her a constant supply of paper plates and toilet paper cardboard tubes - She certainly LOVES to chew stuff up!


Hazel And Holly Hazel And Holly

hazel and holly have settled in nicely i guess there could have been to much going on for the bunnies.we blocked the area where the covered cords are so another cord cant be chewed.and since we blocked that area holly has not bothered digging.i have been cleaning there cages every day and we have supplied them with a phone book that hazel is currently chewing on.they love cerlary,peaches and strawberries.i am going to start training them as soon as i find a treat hazel will take. holly LOVES strawberries! 
thank you 

Draco Draco

Hello Kay,
Draco is doing fine. Hope your rescue had a good weekend.

Scooter Scooter

Hi, Just updating you on how Scooter is doing. He's really made himself at home. After I went home the first day after we got him, after Scooter had stayed in his cage all day, my boyfriend said he had finally come out and was going crazy shredding his phone book and banging his little carrot rattle on the floor! He's really calm when it comes to handling him and picking him up.


Frodo Frodo

Well, Willow (was Frodo) is doing great...he has blossomed into the most astoundingly sweet bunny! he just amazes me.
Anyway, you asked for pictures,so I've attached some.


Skye Skye

They met through adjoining cage doors this weekend and postured only for a few minutes. Skye went to the submissive position and it was fine after that. Elvis has to be at least 2x her size! They first explored Elvis' cage and then this morning they FINALLY went into the new cage. Once in there it was happy days again! They have played,"sang", eaten and explored all morning! Elvis watches Skye where ever she goes. We definitely did good! Thanks so much for sharing her with me and Elvis!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 
Karen Gwyn

Buster Buster

Thanks again for allowing me a chance to meet and adopt Buster. Buster now goes by Hodges. I think he's adjusting well, though it was slow at first. He's a sweet bun, but he took a while to really come out of his shell. Now he really likes chewing cardboard boxes and digging into his old phone book, but the behaviors are focused on those items alone, so he's quite well-behaved. His morning salad really excites him, and lately he's been dancing circles around my feet as a morning greeting. He's pretty adorable that way. I take on the process slowly, but I think he's becoming attached to me. I'm certainly attached to him! 
Thank you! 
LeAnne Bonner

Ben Ben

People just love meeting him and comment on how sweet he is. He knows the "potty time" routines, walk times, dinner and he knows when we get home he gets his stuffed Kong. And he's been good with the cats. The only time he chases is when he gets taunted - Bruce Wayne will sometimes start staring at him until he's staring soon as she has his full, undivided attention she POOFS her hair out, all in one shot like a blowfish and takes off running. And of course he chases and of course she scoots right over the puppy gate or under the couch and laughs at him. We wonder who'll be more surprised if he every actually catches her...not that we're really worried. When she isn't starting this game she sleeps right next to him :P

Rubrick Rubrick

I am sorry it has taken me so long to send you a note on how Rubrick is doing. He is great and we are enjoying him immensely. The other animals are fascinated with him as well as he with them. I wanted to thank you again for allowing us to adopt him. I have enclosed some pictures for you.


Thank you,
Tracy Humphrey & Jill Brown

Bonnie Bonnie

Bonnie is doing great in her new home!  She loves racing around the whole apartment at top speed and is quite an eater (very enthusiastic when it's salad time!).  We've renamed her Cadence because she is a very expressive thumper.  She and Coney are still going through the bonding process, but everything is going smoothly.  They both enjoy each other's attention and are constantly sitting face to face, willing the other to groom them.  No grooming yet though!  After a while, Coney starts to get frustrated that he isn't getting his way with her, and will start to chase and nip her.  We're so glad to have her here!

Eve Eve

You both did a FABULOUS job with her. She is in FINE feather and physique. I surmise that she will not take much bird savvy before becoming quite social and relaxed. As I am sure you have observed, she fears hands and that will take time, patience and some yummy treats to overcome. :o)
She is already responding to my "gimme a kiss" beak to nose without fear! And my hair....well it's a "do" of her doing, LOL.

I cannot tell you both how much I appreciate you choosing me and trusting Eve into my hands and home. She is such a joy and makes my heart swell. I am in love. :o)))

Thank you again for her and for ALL that you do for God's creatures.

Reese Reese

I wanted to let you know that Reese, now Sonny, is doing absolutely wonderful. He and Honu are living together quite nicely. Sonny is very scared of everything still, but I am confident that with time and attention, he will become less and less jumpy. I have attached some photos of the setup and he and honu hanging out together. I purchased an igloo for Sonny since you said he liked his igloo so much.

Surprisingly however, he has taken a liking to Honus' house and they share it most of the time.

Hope you had a wonderful weekend,


Copper Copper

Copper is doing great. She is eating well and enjoying her living space. She roams around and digs in the aspen shavings, hides in her log, and bathes in her water bowl. She is particularly active on Friday nights, as she is fed on Saturdays. We are currently forgoing Saturday mornings cartoons to watch her eat!


Glory Glory

There is one of my boyfriend Dana holding her... and one of the new house I built today! Gabbie loves it.... ha, We've started calling Glory Gabbie.... she squeaks quietly to herself... so we adapted the name Gabbie since it fits so well!


Gabbie and Maggie arent' getting along the best just yet, but it has definitly gotten better. Gabbie nips at Maggie and torments her a good bit. I haven't left them together w/o me being around yet, but in the new house they seem to have plenty of room to go do their own things... maybe tonight we'll give it a try! I'm a nervous mommy!


I hope all is well for you and your family (animals too) and I'll keep you updated and send pictures again soon!


Crosby Crosby

So I have so much to tell you....First of all, it only took about 5 min. to put the cage together and then we were all set.  We put all the goodies in his pen just like you had so he would feel right at home.  He is sitting on me as I work on the computer.  The kids love him.  I love him. Oh we just love this little guy so much. :)

Betty Betty

They've moved into my bedroom now and Digger is madly in love with her. He's binky-ing all over the place and every time she's out of sight he has to go find her. I think the feeling is mutual but Betty's a little too shy to express it just yet. I saw her binky once and she's been grooming Digger.

She runs away when Digger tries to groom her though. I know he wants to groom her so badly though. It's really adorable.So it's going really well, and I will keep you updated and send pictures of them once they've totally bonded!



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