"Until he extends his circle of compassion to include all living things, man will not himself find peace."
-Dr. Albert Schweitzer


Welcome to the home of Carolina Pet Rescue (CPR)!  CPR is a non-profit organization devoted to helping pets in need of a new home.

Looking For A New Friend?

CPR has many wonderful pets who need good homes.  You can view all of our adoptable pets or click on one of the categories of pets to the left.

How To Help

CPR is an all-volunteer-based organization.  Time, money, and foster homes are all invaluable resources.  Please consider any of the following:

  • Volunteering - whether it's helping to run an event, cleaning cages (our volunteer hours are Sundays and Thursdays!), or writing articles for our newsletter, everything helps!  Sign up to Volunteer!


  • Donating - all money goes directly toward caring for the pets in our program.  Vet bills, food and bedding are all costly!  Some of the pets in our program need medical operations, while others regularly need medicine to survive.  Consider Donating!


  • Fostering - at CPR, foster families are the lifeblood of the organization!  There are so many animals in need throughout our area.  Sign up to Foster!

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Find Your Next Pet!
Species Spotlight - Ferrets

Ferrets are active, friendly and mischieveous animals that make wonderful and exciting pets!   They spend a good portion of the day sleeping, but when they are awake, they will entertain you with their playful antics.  Most ferrets do best when adopted in pairs or groups, and need several hours a day of exercise outside of their cage. Consider fostering or adopting some today!