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At Carolina Pet Rescue, we value your privacy!


Information We Keep

We do not retain any identifying information about your visit to the website other than what is in our webserver logs; this information is used solely to track site traffic.  Information voluntarily submitted to Carolina Pet Rescue, through applications (such as for adoption, fostering, or volunteering) is submitted electronically and then kept off-line in a non-public area.


Information We Request

We will not require any information from you beyond what is necessary to fulfill your request; most frequently this will be in the form of an application (such as for adoption, fostering, or volunteering).  This data will be sent electronically to the person appropriate for handling this data within the CPR organization, and will never be shared with any 3rd parties unless legally required, and shall never be sold.



We utilize cookies on this website, however they are solely used for site statistics.

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